New Voices 2013 – Launch Post

Hello New Voices followers!

I am super excited to announce that New Voices 2013 is off the ground.

We had our first meeting today and there are some really excellent ideas going around.

Some of you may or may not have heard that our theme was decided by the Georgia State University English graduate students. And the winner is:

Monsters, Villains and Aberrations

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. We got over 50 votes. That’s really helpful and exciting (Can you tell I’m excited?) We are hoping that this year, we will have a lot of interest in contributing and a lot of really fun panels. Last year was really excellent, I was there, and our hope is to grow even bigger.

Further, we selected a few people to sit on our committee. As soon as we fill one or two more spots, I will reveal who is a part of our team. That isn’t to say that all of you interested aren’t welcome. You ARE! Please feel free to comment here, or email us at if you are at all interested in lending a hand, putting in your two cents, or just hanging around meetings to see what we do. We would love to have you. The more excitement, the merrier.

With that, I leave you. Please follow our blog here and keep a look out for updates and posts on random New Voices related activities.

Your New Voices Co-Chair – Valerie Robin



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