About New Voices

We Have Moved To a New Website

As of November 15, 2014, New Voices is proud to announce that we have moved to a new website hosted by Georgia State University. Please change your bookmarks to our new web site address: http://sites.gsu.edu/new-voices/ . You will be redirected to our new website shortly. If, however, you are not redirected, please select the following link to be taken to our new website: http://sites.gsu.edu/new-voices/.


New Voices is an annual conference that is run by the graduate students in the Georgia State University English Department. Each conference centers around a theme which changes from year-to-year.

New Voices is affiliated with the Georgia State University’s Graduate English Association.

Faculty Adviser

  • Dr. Paul Schmidt

Current Committee Members (2014-2015)

  • Deborah S. D’Cruze, 1st Chair
  • Kateland Wolfe, 2nd Chair
  • Jennifer Olive, Secretary
  • Jessica Temple, Treasurer
  • Christine Busser, Hospitality Chair and GEA Liaison
  • Andrea Rogers, Creative Writing Chair
  • Brian Heston, Volunteer Coordinator
  • William Lake, Modern and Classical Languages Liaison
  • Christopher Toula, Communications Liaison

Previous Chairs

  • Valerie Robin (2012-2014)
  • Shane McGowan (2012-2014)
  • Mary Grace Elliott (2011-2012)

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